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Definition of roofing in the dictionary. Meaning of roofing. What does roofing mean? Information and translations of roofing in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.Roll Roofing. Definition – What does Roll Roofing mean? Roll roofing is a material roll used for covering the roofs of buildings that feature low sloped roofs in the Northern regions of the United States, Canada and a few european nations. commonly used roll roofing material is asphalt roll roofing.roofing definition, the act of covering with a roof. See more.Etymology. Shingle is a corruption of german schindle (schindel) meaning a roofing slate. shingles historically were called tiles and shingle was a term applied to wood shingles, as is still mostly the case outside the US. Shingles are laid in courses usually with each shingle offset from its neighbors. The first course is the starter course and the last being a ridge course or ridge slates.Mitchell – who had little prior building experience aside from woodwork classes at school – has learnt to install windows,Metal Roofing Terms Note: It is very important to understand the terminology of any subject you wish to have a working knowledge of. We have listed specialty words and their definitions below and we have included drawings to illustrate many of the terms.noun, plural roofs. the external upper covering of a house or other building. a frame for supporting this: an open-timbered roof. the highest part or summit: The Himalayas are the roof of the world. something that in form or position resembles the roof of a house, as the top of a car, the upper part of the mouth, etc. a house.In extreme hail storms, even expensive hail-resistant roofs can show visible. Cosmetic damage is usually defined as marring, pitting or other.The seed of the idea was sown during the 2013 Lamb’s production of “Fiddler on the Roof,” in which Miller. them $1 for.proper roof slope and drainage are important to prevent excessive water accumulation by Jason P. Wilen, AIA, CDT, RRO onding water sometimes occurs on membrane roof systems as a result of snow, rainfall or