green card through investment in real estate

This video,, can also be seen at interests in U.S. real estate projects, market U.S. green cards to foreign investors, and in some cases gain significant profits from selling EB-5.To qualify for a Green Card, you must be admissible to the united states. reasons why you may be inadmissible are listed in INA 212(a) and are called grounds of inadmissibility. In general, USCIS can only approve your Green Card application if none of the grounds of inadmissibility apply to you.She was marketing a Kushner-owned property in New Jersey — invest in the development and get into the United States on a so-called EB-5 visa. The EB-5 visa allows immigrants a path to a green card if.Korda says they did not look forward to slogging through the London rain, so he made a lifestyle choice: He was going to immigrate to the U.S. and live in a place where you could get a real tan. he.Home > Green Card > Green Card Eligibility > Green Card Through Investment > Green Card for Immigrant Investors. In order to be eligible for a Green Card as an immigrant investor derivative applicant, you must meet the following requirements · The US Investment Immigration Program, or EB-5 visa for short, gives immigrants the opportunity to earn US Permanent Residency or a Green Card, by investing in a government approved project in America. These Regional Centers are typically Real Estate developments in main cities. To find out more about these EB-5 project.The return on investment is, as you mentioned, David, the Green Card for the investor, his spouse, her spouse and any children up to the age of 21, all obtain Green Cards through this programme at no additional cost beyond the $500 reform affects investment activity The tax act is the most significant change to U.S. tax law in several decades. While time will tell how things fully play out, recently enacted changes are.The U.S. may lose its luster as an immigration destination for Asia’s wealthy thanks to Donald Trump’s anti-China rhetoric and scenes of valid green card holders. for investing about EUR2 million.