Ferrari 458 Spider convertible roof opening

[youtubestruct src=][title=Ferrari 458 Spider convertible roof opening][duration=PT56S][uploadDate=2017-09-27T02:12:51.000Z][thumbnailURL=][ytid=YTP52dVh4Kw][description=The Ferrari 458 Spider is a classic supercar that turns heads wherever it goes. Perhaps it’s the signature Ferrari red paint, or maybe it’s the sleek lines or even the deep, throaty growl of the nearly 600hp engine. The car is built to accelerate like a rocket and corner like it’s on rails.

But there is another feature of this car that makes it a lot of fun. With the push of a button, the security latches on the roof release and mechanized arms fold the roof back and into a concealed compartment behind the driver. A panel cover lifts off and back, allowing the roof to neatly stow away inside the compartment before the hatch lowers back into place to restore the sharp lines of this beautiful car.

It’s difficult to tell whether the car’s exotic look, responsive handling, or maybe the retractable roof are what is the most fun about a car like this. Either way, the driver will not be able to resist playing with this roof, even a little bit!][/youtubestruct]
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